Candelic is a Leader in LED Displays
and Technology

Efficiency. Quality. Innovation.

About Us

Candelic strives to create products that offer great value to our customers. We are a growing company that designs and develops large-format, outdoor media displays and software for the DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home media) Industry. Since 2014 we have been developing and manufacturing LED Displays for indoor and outdoor use, continually improving their operation and efficiency. We have also developed easy-to-use software that allows our customers to manage their LED Screens, and to easily update the content displayed. We create our products from the ground-up thanks to our highly-skilled team. We provide friendly and responsive service to ensure that you are able to get set up and running swiftly.

We're Hiring!

Candelic consists of a diverse team of engineers and software developers covering a wide range of disciplines from electronic hardware design and embedded firmware, to PC Application Software and Cloud/IoT Services. We are extending our New Plymouth-based team as we move more development in-house and continue to scale our business. If you are a JavaScript/TypeScript developer who is proficient with React.js, get in touch!