A New Opportunity for Digital LED Panels


The affordability of the CD-10 unlocks sites that were previously cost-prohibitive for conventional LED panel solutions. Our high-quality panels are cost-effective and simple to set up and maintain.


Quite possibly the lightest outdoor digital out-of-home (DOOH) product in the world, the CD-10 weighs just 2.6kg per tile, or 25kg per square metre (and that even includes the aluminium frame).


Each panel has its own high-efficiency power supply and electronics which means the days of large cabinets - with their LED modules, power supplies, looms of cables and tiny screws - are a thing of the past!

Easy Installation

With simple front and rear access, and software that allows you to "plug and play", you can be set up quickly. The lightweight tiles can be installed easily by one person.

Completely Sealed

Each tile is built to withstand the elements, is hermetically sealed and is rated IP66 so is well-suited for outdoor use.

Slim Design

At only 68mm thick, the CD-10 can be installed in many places where traditional systems cannot and because it doesn't require a cabinet, it can be mounted directly to form a wall.

No Fans

A design with no moving parts, and the use of high-quality, high-efficiency power supplies improves the reliability of the CD-10 tile.

Plug And Play

Once tiles are connected to the control computer, they are automatically discovered and added to the network.

No Sender Box

Traditional LED systems have a sender box connected to the monitor output of the CMS computer. Our system digitally "scrapes" the CMS content from the screen and sends it to the CD-10 tiles over the computer's Ethernet port, making a sender box obsolete.


Each CD-10 tile has its own micro-processor "brain" connected using industry-standard Ethernet to give direct access to each module.

Unified Cable

The tiles are connected using a single cable that combines power and data and uses internationally-recognized Amphenol™ Quick-Lok connectors to ensure a solid, safe connection.

Easy Access

Armed with a 3mm hex key, you just need two half-turns of the cam locks and the front will be released. Rear service does not require any tools.

Safety Eyelet

Each CD-10 module has the option of a safety eyelet for safety-critical applications or servicing from heights.

Unique Panel ID

A guaranteed unique ID, laser-etched into the on-board electronics, enables simple, guaranteed panel identification and lifetime tracking & tracing.


Our custom calibration system and proprietary colour algorithms store individual calibration data on each tile. This means the management of screen inventory and swapping of panels from different batches is significantly simplified.

Power Efficient

The tiles require only 600W/sqm for 5000 NITs calibrated white.


Our proprietary firmware powers the system. This software serves both as the controller for the screen, and the IoT bridge to the ON Cloud Platform. Unlike other manufacturers that use third-party control systems, Candelic has end-to-end control all the way from the tile to the cloud.

Proof of Display

Our innovative Proof of Display technology verifies that each tile in the screen received the player's content correctly, and that it actually played as expected.

Simple Upgrades

Both the tile and PC software can be upgraded remotely, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest features and updates.

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